This is one of the most important books of the XXI century. It should be included in your book collection. What does it contain that is so out of the ordinary? It is a code and a key to  immortality. Answers to the most important questions and eternal dilemmas: Why do I live? What is the purpose of my life? How did this happen that I am alive? Who is the one that made it possible for me to be alive? Will my life end when my body dies? Don’t try to fool yourself! Almost nobody believes that death is the end of their journey. What would you say if someone showed you the Creator of the Universe in a way that is understandable? What if God would stop being inconceivable? Do you think it is all nonsense? Read this book. Dramatic stories about human fate, related to the vision of God, will make you look at many issues from a different perspective. Good luck.




The book consists of a few stories about the history of Church and the changes occurring in it. It begins with the first, ideal one and goes until the present one. Is everything all right with the way Christians believe in God? Maybe  Church is possessed by Satan? Four young Americans are studying the Bible. They all believe that you can get to know God by using your mind and that the faith has to be logically explained. They are looking for answers in the Holy Book. Everything would be going at its normal pace if it wasn’t for the jeahawah.com website, which they came upon in the internet. Their views about religion, faith and God all of the sudden reached a new dimension. Their future, planned very carefully for years, became insignificant. What happened? What was their conclusion? What did the seekers of the  truth discover?



It is a story, full of dialogue and based on the Bible, about the birth and early life of Jesus from Nazareth. Was Jesus from Nazareth really born on Monday, September 4th 6 B.C.? Just like the subtitle suggests (The Beginning of the End); the birth of Jesus from Nazareth is the beginning of the end – the end of the world. It should be mentioned here, that according to the Bible, these events are always announced every time Prophet Elijah is incarnated and the truth that was hidden from mankind for centuries is uncovered. Will the current Prophet Elijah uncover the truth? Who is God? What is his real name that is understandable to mankind? By reaching for this book, you will definitely find out.


This book is a future global bestseller. It is almost certain that it will divide many people on our globe. Accustomed to stereotypes in our world, inhabitants of the blue planet do not notice major threats. People are threatened by unbelievable danger.

Silently, the most influential bankers are starting to create the New World Order (NWO). This secret society has one goal: enslave humans globally by using microchips to control their minds. The dark scenario when human becomes a bio machine controlled by computer is inevitable. The Biblical apocalyptic prophecy, announcing that no one without an imprint on his/her arm or forehead will be able to buy or sell, is slowly becoming a reality. This is the announcement of the end of the world, but before it becomes a reality, the last Prophet will appear. The Bible calls him Elijah. Will the prophet uncover religious deviations and give back the well-deserved respect to God? Maybe he is already here? Who is Shirman Stoone? Read this book! Stand by the truth! Fight for your own life!


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