SHIRMAN STOONE - born on the 23rd of August in 1964 in Poland and lives in Poland. The author of the vision of biblical God ( His spiritual construction - 26 Spirits ). The vision in which the man and the surrounding world are an exact reflection of the Creator. He teaches that the name of God should be pronounced as YEAHAVAH not as Jahveh or Jehovah. He proves that with the spelling of the holy name in the old-Hebrew pictographic (pictorial) language . The author of the books: THE LAST SECRET - THE BEGINNING OF THE END, EARTHLINGS, THE VIRUS, CHILDREN OF BABYLON. Some think that he has received ‘’keys from heaven”. He was born to enlighten humanity before the approaching end of the world and to prepare people for the arrival of the expected Messiah. At the age of 27  - as he claims – he experienced ‘’the dazzle of the mind” making the spiritual image of the biblical God to whom Christians, Jews and Muslims pray. Usually, he simply calls Him Love. After many years of learning Hebrew he discovers ‘’holy codes”. Now, he is already certain that the vision from the past is ‘’the divine plan”, and the important information for people. Therefore, the delivery of this knowledge becomes the purposes of his life - his mission.

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